Simple, Effective & Affordable Email Marketing

Follow-up Newsletters with a Custom Branded Marketing Strategy

Create, send, and track your custom newsletter in minutes! Reliable Contact is the only Email Marketing solution that will custom design your newsletter template to match your branding message and tie it directly into Facebook to promote your offer and build your opt-in list. Upload images, add videos, create links and manage content Quick and Easy! Insert Social Media plug-ins to help your stories go viral. With 3 plans, Starting at just $19.95, Reliable Contact's Newsletter Marketing System is a simple, effective and affordable way to follow-up with your clients and leads.

... Not the type of person who likes to sit down and manage your own campaigns? Reliable Contact is here for you! Our staff has multiple years experience promoting business and has the track record to prove it. Let us take handle the hard work on promoting your business for you and point you on the right track to success. From Advertisements, Lead Generation, Mobile Friendly Websites, Newsletter Follow-up and most online marketing needs, Reliable Contact has a proven track record for success. Check out our Marketing Packages here

Newsletter Features & Benefits

  • Custom Designed Template with your logo and content. Branding is a Key Phase of the Marketing that will run congruent through ALL marketing strategies, so your brand message is driven home!
  • Upload & Manage pictures, social media plug-ins, logos, etc...
  • Create Opt-in Form to grow customer database
  • Automated Follow up System to dramatically increase client conversions, AKA Drip Campaign
  • Management and content creation for automated follow up system
  • Manage Multiple Lists
  • Create multiple Groups within each List
  • FREE Image Storage ($50 value)
  • Import Leads from external sources: web form, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, etc...
  • Drive traffic to Facebook, Blog, YouTube Channel & your website
  • Send out Unlimited Messages to specific lists at any time
  • HOT! New Facebook App which gets "Likes" and opt-in's simultaneously!
  • HOT! New QR Code App which for Loss Prevention & Tracking
  • HOT! New Survey App
  • HOT! New Event App

Glance Beautique

Glance Beautique Newsletter

Paradise Auto & Truck Center

Paradise Auto & Truck Center

Besta-Wan Newsletter

Besta-Wan Newsletter

Sacred Space Imports

Sacred Space Imports

Reliable Contact's New Facebook App

Generate more Likes & Build your Opt-in database simultaneously

Features & Benefits
  • Get more "Likes" on Facebook
  • Get more "Opt-ins" to your database
  • Create offers from your website
  • Create offers from your Facebook page
  • Custom Design your offer using WYSIWYG editor
  • Upload images to our secure server for use in Facebook
  • Generate Opt-in Form from your list structure

Facebook App in Action!

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QR Coupon App... Loss Prevention & Tracking

Reliable Contact will Custom Design your Offer and integrate it with our Facebook App & Responder System. A Coupon with a unique QR Code is sent to everyone who Likes your Facebook business page and opts-in to your list. A simple redemption procedure can be done instantly via smart phone, tablet or dashboard.

Features & Benefits
  • Unlimited QR Codes & SKU’s
  • Gather info about customers Who Have redeemed the offer
  • Gather info about customers Who Have NOT redeemed the offer
  • Market to specific groups
  • Unique QR Code or SKU allows Offer to be redeemed One Time Only
  • Loss Prevention – One Time Redemption Only
  • Prevent Abuse – Prevent Multiple Copies from Circulation
  • Export Capabilities

Reward Your Customers for Joining Your List

"We tripled our facebook likes each month by offering a free gift using Reliable Contact's QR Coupon App"

QR Coupon App in Action!

Reward your Customers and Build Relationships... See How!
Reliable Contact's Event App

We provide all the tools you need to make your event a success!

Reliable Contact's Event App allows you to post, promote & track an Event, Fundraiser, Meeting, Conference, Trade Show, Workshop, Online Class, Concert, Party... and more!

Charge for events using PayPal integration module. Use your Smart Phone or Tablet to Redeem & Track Events.

Features & Benefits
  • Create an Event: Create unlimited events per month for no additional fee!
  • Customize Your Invitation: Create event landing pages & Insert your own Logo & message for branding
  • Accept Payment Online: Accept online registration for Free or Paid events, process payments using PayPal
  • Promote your Event: Share your event with included Social Media plug-ins
  • Manage Tickets at the Door: Scan printed tickets using Reliable Contact's QR Code Tracking App!
  • Track & Measure Results: Gather attendee registration information, track attendance, gather reports & export data
  • Insert your own Logo for Branding

Accept Advanced Payment for your Next Event!

Use your Smart Phone or Tablet to Redeem Tickets
"I felt like I was Ticket Master! I was able to create my event, promote it, sell tickets, collect the money and scan the tickets as the attendees arrived. It was awesome!"

Creating An Event!

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Reliable Contact's Survey App

With Answers come Great Results!

The Reliable Contact Survey App allows you to create Unlimited Surveys & Polls in T/F, Y/N, A/B, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select or Open Ended Questionnaire format. Incentivise your customers to participate in the survey and reward them with a gift, coupon or discount using our QR Code Coupon App. The Reliable Contact Survey App allows for Unlimited questions per Survey and Unlimited surveys per account.

Utilize this tool to gain important insight into your consumers thought process, behavior and buying patterns.

Features & Benefits
  • Create Unlimited Custom Surveys in multiple formats of questions
  • Insert your own Logo for Branding
  • Insert custom text at the top of each survey: Slogan, Key Information or Set of instructions
  • Advanced Reporting – Collects Customer Responses
  • Export Capabilities
  • Gather information about your customers
  • Gather information about your staff from your customers
  • Pre-Qualify Leads
  • Market Research
  • Create Polls & Quizzes

Tap Into the Mindset & Buying Patterns of your Customers!

We were able to boost our customer base and relations up 35% by following a simple model of marketing which is based off Reliable Contact's services.

Unlimited Surveys & Polls

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